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Inis Meáin is one of the Aran Islands that are strewn across the mouth of Galway bay off the west coast of Ireland. The island is mostly terraced limestone that is no more than 3 miles across, it lies 30 miles out to sea and supports only 200 inhabitants.
For centuries garments have been knitted on the island for the local fisherman. Knitting was just one of a number of ways that the islanders had to learn and master to creat a way of living in a very inhospitable place.
Knitwear is still produced on the island today, much of the looming and knitting process remains unchanged. The people of Inis Meáin Knitwear strive to keep their island’s traditional knitting process true to their heritage, today however they have the availability of using yarns from around the world, yarns like cashmere, linen, baby alpaca, silk ect.
Stay tuned, sweaters should be landing any day now, we will have a featured post when they do.

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